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Timber-aluminium windows

The window that meets the highest demands

As part of the façade, windows are exposed to the elements, with timber being particularly susceptible. The solution: A durable aluminium shell protects the outside of the window frame. But the intelligent composite system of wood, high thermal insulation foam and aluminium offers even more advantages. Internorm timber/aluminium window systems are ideally suited to the highest demands such as low-energy houses and passive houses. The aluminium shell on the outside is also low-maintenance and available in various colours. On the inside, wood creates the desired natural, cosy look.

  • Great choice of colours for both the inside and outside
  • Problem-free combination of UPVC/aluminium windows thanks to the same surface on the outside and the same profile design on the inside
  • High longevity and stability
  • Optimum insulation values
  • Various design and fitting options