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Maximum security

Burglary protection at the highest level

The fundamental requirement to feel safe and secure in your own four walls is optimum protection from burglars as well as maximum security for children. Windows contribute to this considerably.

Therefore, all Internorm windows are equipped with standard security which means that 1 mushroom peg and closing part are attached to the bottom of the window on the handle side and thus protect especially against levering. I-tec glazing also contributes to burglary protection. The glass pane can no longer be pushed out due to the patented all around bonding of the pane with the window sash.

I-tec locking offers maximum protection and is installed in each KF 520 UPVC window. This locking technology is unique on the window market and absolutely unrivalled in the branch.

Burglary-resistant entrance doors

We only rely on proven locking systems of renowned companies to offer you optimum protection from burglars for your entrance door. Therefore, we are installing 5-point locks from company KFV into our aluminium entrance doors. The multi-point locks of our timber-aluminium doors are supplied by Winkhaus. Three solid door hinges and a cylinder with anti-drilling and anti-scanning protection make our entrance doors additionally burglary-resistant.

Of course, you can equip our aluminium and timber-aluminium entrance doors with an extra plus of security. Your Internorm distribution partner will gladly advise you to make your doors as burglary-proof as possible according to your requirements.

 Additionally, we can offer you many extras: access systems from finger scanner to keypad (code keypad), but also door stops and security cylinders for example can increase security. LED lighting in recessed handles or the low threshold area which switches on in combination with a dimmer switch at dusk, contributes additionally to increased burglary protection.