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Combination options

Always the optimum

Internorm windows offer not only excellent methods and unique technologies, but also the optimal windows and the optimal entrance door for every style of architecture and for every room.

On the one hand, we offer the same frame design in different materials, which means that windows can be combined in accordance with requirements without any problems — for example, you might prefer to plan UPVC/aluminium windows for a bathroom, but want timber/aluminium windows for the living room. The design of the window and therefore the exterior design of your planned house always remains the same. In the interior, you can plan the windows for every room according to your requirements — either UPVC or timber: a functional and economical solution.

On the other hand, the design styles allow us to offer a non-product-specific design system that enables you to combine different types of windows as well as combine windows with lift and slide doors, sun and insect protection and entrance doors.