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Architectural expertise

Vision, connection, architecture

Windows determine the appearance of a building. They allow you to look out and to look in. They are bright spots and focal points in the architecture and draw attention and create visual connections. As a manufacturer of
timber/aluminium, UPVC/aluminium and UPVC windows, as well as timber/aluminium and aluminium house doors, we are therefore particularly dedicated to the functionality and effect of windows in architecture.

For architecture

For architecture

Sophisticated design


One of the creeds of modern architecture is to reduce everything to the bare essentials. For windows, this means maximum opening or glazing, and a straight-lined frame that encloses the pane like a line. Therefore, at Internorm, we have developed window frames that do not require a fixing strip. To make the view to the outside as clear as possible, the opening sash is covered by window frames. But even if the windows are not entirely straight, as may be the case for example in a renovation project, we can still offer well-designed windows.

For better orientation, we have defined four design styles in accordance with different architectural styles. A further advantage: The design styles are not dependent on the material, meaning that you can combine different materials without compromising the appearance based on your budget and the requirements for the specific room.

The window sizes and geometry are also not dependent on the design style. They are tailored entirely to the design with no limitations. In order to fulfil the desire for large-scale glazing, we offer fixed glazing and lift and slide doors in XL sizes.

But our design standards do not stop at the frame. We therefore offer various fitting options, sophisticated technical details and installation scenarios that allow various different architectural window solutions — all from Internorm.

For architects

For architects

Individual planning and production


With the many and varied fitting options available, and also the various window geometries, installation scenarios and connection and combination variants, our windows allow you to realise your planning ideas. Every window system from Internorm is designed and produced according to your planning. We are at your side from the very beginning to provide advice.