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Town house, Bogenhausen, Munich, Germany

A lot of light with little energy

In the midst of urban life in Bogenhausen, Munich, the Huber Rössler architectural practice has created a low-energy building with eight loft-style, open rental apartments. The planning was based on clear specifications: The neighbouring constructions and tight spacing meant that the volume of the town house, which was to house as much useful area as possible, was fixed.

The architects realised this objective with residential units from 82 to 178 square metres in size, supplemented with commercial spaces and a workshop on the ground floor. The eight apartments each have a different flexible floor plan but are united by one characteristic feature: an open living area that is flooded with light from both sides. Floor-to-ceiling windows to the street and large terrace and balcony doors, as well as windows to the inner courtyard, not only create a generous space but also create different bright zones for living, eating, cooking and sleeping. The architects deliberately sacrificed a classic hallway in favour of a loft-style room: Bathrooms and storage spaces can be reached directly from the large communal room — a new interpretation of the typologies of the early years with lounges. On the fourth floor, a generously designed apartment surrounds the stairwell, and the roof houses a maisonette apartment with open levels.

In addition to the creative concept, the distinctive feature of the building in Ismaninger Straße is its high energy efficiency. Planned for the German KFW-40 energy standard, the primary energy requirement and the quality of the building shell far exceed the legal requirements of this standard. The transmission heat loss is 45% below the permissible maximum value, for example. Collectors in the roof area enable 47% of the hot water required and 10% of the heating requirements to be generated in-house. Together with the controlled ventilation and the heat recovery, the use of solar thermics guarantees CO2-neutral operation.

Town house, Bogenhausen, Munich, Germany


Architects: Huber Rössler Architekten

Apartment type: town house with low-energy standard

Use: residential, commercial

Year of construction: 2008 – 2010