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Architecture with the sun, Josef Kiraly, Austria

The power of the sun

"Build with the sun" — the Austrian architect Josef Kiraly designs, plans and builds his "solar houses" according to this concept. They represent a sustainable architecture that takes natural environmental conditions into consideration. The solar house concept combines man's desire for sunlight and radiant heat with high living and thermal comfort. The proximity to nature also plays an important role: The large-scale use of glass creates visual contact with the outside and a connection with the open space. As a passive house, the solar house also demonstrates high energy efficiency.

For Kiraly, the concept of the solar house is more than "just" architecture — it reflects an attitude towards life. It represents a change in values and the rediscovery of old, original forms of construction that are combined with new technologies and materials. The architect always focuses on using the energy from the sun as far as possible to preserve resources and to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Every solar house from the pen of Josef Kiraly is an answer to the respective location and its environment. At the same time, it meets the individual wishes of the building owners, as three examples show.

For more information on solar houses by Josef Kiraly, see and the book "Das Sonnenhaus als Passivhaus" [The solar house as a passive house], published by Wasmuth, 2013

Images: (c) Kiraly