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Hideg House

A retreat with a view

Light, air and a direct link to the beautiful surrounding area — those were the factors influencing the design of Hideg House near Koszeg in Hungary. Béres Architects designed a straight-lined building with deliberately set openings and a central open space around which the functions are grouped.

The picturesque town of Koszeg is in the west of Hungary, just two kilometres from the Austrian border. The surrounding area is shaped by wooded mountains and it was just here — or to be more precise, in an old quarry, that the striking holiday home was built. To tap the full potential of the natural light from the sun all year round, the building was positioned 10 metres above the road that runs through the valley.

The timber box appears to hover slightly above the stony ground. It consists of two units held together by a black frame. In the centre, this creates a covered outdoor seating area with a wonderful outlook. The materiality of the façade is determined by the different processing of the wood material — sometimes roughly cut with a dark glaze, sometimes natural but planed.

The openings in the façade also respond to the environment. In the south, to the open hillside, large, floor-to-ceiling windows and lift and slide doors from Internorm give a clear view of the surroundings. On the mountain side, small, narrow windows give a view of the solid rock. Combined with the minimalist interior design, which is characterised by the use of white, exciting contrasts are created along with an interlinking of the inside and outside.

Photos © Tamás Bujnovszky


Hideg House


Holiday home, Hideg House, Koszeg, Hungary

Architect: Béres Architects

Building type: holiday home

Use: residential

Completion: 2013