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C House

A unique building with a freedom all of its own

A heterogeneous neighbourhood, a plot of land and the remit to build a private home there. A challenge as familiar around the world as it is difficult. Using these ingredients, Romanian architecture firm Parasite Studio has developed a unique building that stands out and sets itself apart from the neighbouring houses. Through a skilful approach to the construction size and the façades, the architects have achieved a high level of spatial quality by creating a single unit that comprises both the building itself and the outdoor space.

The combination of different structures has produced spatial areas including the porchway, entrance and terrace. Bright white is used to combine the individual structures with each other and emphasise their dimensions. In contrast, black is used to highlight the openings. The interior is dominated by a two-storey living room, which also incorporates access to upstairs. The first floor comprises the bedrooms, both of which have a bathroom en suite.

The façades and openings appear different depending on their orientation. The frontage accentuates the horizontal dimensions of the building and leads into the interior via a skilfully executed porchway. Extrusions and recesses on the southern façade provide as much light as possible, while deliberately placed openings on the northern façade allow indirect lighting into the interior space. In the garden, the cubes are almost completely broken up by room-sized, recessed openings. Due to the pertinence of the openings themselves, Parasite Studio opted for windows and doors from Internorm.  

C House

Architects: Parasite Studio, Timisoara, Romania

Type: private dwelling

Use: residential

Completion: 2014