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No threshold

Usable for everyone

Terraces and balconies are open spaces that increase the quality of life and living for everyone — regardless of age and mobility. A transition from the inside to the outside that is as level as possible enables unrestricted access and comfort, not only for children, the elderly and people with limited mobility, but for all users.

Formation of the threshold

Formation of the threshold

Stepless access

Doors that lead to terraces and balconies without any threshold should have an unobstructed clearance of at least 80 cm. Full freedom of movement is given if the movement area on the terrace or balcony has a diameter of at least 150 cm. If a low threshold is not possible for structural reasons, for example in the case of renovations to existing buildings, the difference in level should be a maximum of 2 cm on the inside and a maximum of 3 cm on the outside, and be easy for wheels to roll over.