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Fresh air and energy savings

Ventilation of the building is an important factor in energy-conscious architecture. With I-tec Ventilation, we have developed a system for UPVC and UPVC/aluminium windows that supplies the interior with fresh air on a demand basis and makes it comfortable while simultaneously keeping the heat loss to a minimum. The ventilation system, which is fitted with a heat exchanger, is completely integrated into the window system and only a narrow ventilation grid is visible on the outside and inside of the window. In the new IV 40 fan, a heat exchanger ensures 93% heat recovery and reduces the energy losses to a minimum. The optional installation of filters prevents any fine dust or flower pollen from penetrating. The fan can be easily operated via a discreet control element attached directly to the window.

I-tec Ventilation is available as an option for products KF 500, KV 440 and KF 410.