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With the intelligent Internorm building control I-tec SmartWindow, the Internorm products I-tec Ventilation, I-tec Shading, sun protection and the fanlight openers can be conveniently controlled from a tablet or smartphone. This increases the feeling of comfort and ease of operation and satisfies the desire for a central control system for the building technology. At the same time, it allows better consideration of various environmental influences with positive impacts on energy consumption and security.

As a stand-alone application, I-tec SmartWindow is easy to install — including retrospectively, for example as part of a renovation project. All you need is a small "gateway" that is connected to an existing WLAN router. You can download the SmartWindow app free of charge, along with the related installation instructions, from the App Store or Google Play. Components that are integrated into the building control system can be easily programmed, automatically generate the user interface in the app and can, if required, be given a name, grouped in rooms and sorted via a tablet or smartphone (without any additional software or PC).

The proven wireless system, along with the various additional components available in electronics stores, allows you to enhance the house control system in line with your individual requirements. The I-tec SmartWindow control system automatically recognises the weather station recommended by us and the switchable socket, opening monitoring and smoke alarms.


  • Intelligente Steuerung rund ums Fenster
  • Mobile Bedienung von I-tec Lüftung, I-tec Beschattung, Sonnenschutz und Oberlichten
  • Öffnungsüberwachung Ihrer Fenster – auch im Urlaub
  • Einfache Bedienung
  • Individuelle Einstellungsmöglichkeiten
  • Direkte Einbindung in zentrale SmartHome-Lösungen diverser Hersteller