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Surface colours

A whole range of options

As part of the building shell, windows and doors have an effect based on their material and colour both inside and outside. Both views place very different requirements on the component. We offer our windows and doors not only in different materials, but also in different surface designs — optionally in colour or to suit the natural appearance of the material.



From harmonious to coloured


UPVC and UPVC/aluminium windows: The UPVC surface is white as standard. However, if you want a coloured design, this can be achieved with decorative film in various timber shades.

Timber/aluminium windows: We produce our timber profiles from red larch or light spruce. Both types of wood can be coated in RAL colours or glazes.



From metallic to matte


UPVC windows: The UPVC surface is also white on the outside.

Timber/aluminium and UPVC/aluminium windows: There are no limits to the colours for the aluminium shell. It can be coated in almost any desired RAL colour. Various decorative options offer additional flexibility.