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Timber/aluminium windows
HF 410

The puristic timber/aluminium window meets the highest demands for heat protection. The angular design creates a diminished appearance — in weather-resistant aluminium on the outside, and a natural timber surface on the inside.

Thermal insulation: Uw to 0,62 W/m²K
Sound protection: 36–46 dB
Security: RC2
Locking: concealed

Product information


  • With new I-tec Core technology for more stability
  • Improved aesthetics thanks to slim frame design
  • Highly insulating thermal foam (HCFC, HFC and FC free)
  • ISO glass spacer in the standard model
  • Can be combined with KF 410

Dimensions in mm

  • Frame construction depth: 85 mm
  • View width, frame/sash: 108 mm
  • View width, flying mullion (with two sashes): 123 mm
  • View width, transom (with two sashes): 173 mm

Opening versions

  • Fixed
  • Turn and turn/tilt
  • Tilt
  • Sliding windows
  • Lockable doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Doors with threshold


  • Quantity: 3
  • Colour: black

Further design styles

HF 410

HF 410

HF 410



We offer you an ambitious selection of handles — one recommendation is shown here. For information about further designs, please contact your Internorm architectural consultant.

G80 standard handle
Flat rosette

G80 standard handle

G80 standard handle

Dallas handle

Sun and insect protection

The sun and insect protection systems complement the windows, making them one functional unit, and support the design of the house façade.

Venetian blinds: optimal control and deflection of light and heat via adjustable slats, can be combined with insect protection

Attachment roller shutter: mounted completely on the window, can be combined with insect protection

Insect protection: clamped, hinged or sliding frame or drop-down fly screen available, can be combined with sun protection

Venetian blindsAttachment roller shutterInsect protection

Large-scale elements

A door or fixed glazing model is available up to 5 m2 glass area.
Fixed glazing






The timber/aluminium window HF 410 is available in oak, larch and ash. The possible colour variants are shown here, along with a selection of possible colours for the aluminium outer shell. Please discuss your individual colour requirements with your Internorm architectural consultant.

Outside colour


Inside colour

NATURAL OAK ES800 WHITE OAK EI703 natural larch LA600 larch medium brown LA601 NATURAL OAK EI700 GREY OAK EI701 OAK VINTAGE EI705 larch dark brown LA602





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