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Model variants

  • [h1]DM[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HM704 [b]Griff:[/b] HS10 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß
  • [h1]DP[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] Rahmen RAL5009, Flügel RAL5009, Alunxoglasfassung [b]Griff:[/b] MGSE6 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß
  • [h1]FA[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HFM13 [b]Griff:[/b] MGSE8
  • [h1]FD[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] Rahmen M916, Flügel M916, SD02 [b]Griff:[/b] SG18
  • [h1]FM[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] Rahmen HM704, Flügel HM704, M916 [b]Griff:[/b] EGS06
  • [h1]PA[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HFM01 [b]Griff:[/b] SG17 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß, Alunxoglasfassung
  • [h1]PA[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HM716 [b]Griff:[/b] MGSE8 [b]Glas:[/b] MRI
  • [h1]PE[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] DM01 [b]Griff:[/b] KGS03 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß
  • [h1]PJ[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] DM02 [b]Griff:[/b] KGS01 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß
  • [h1]PD[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HM907 [b]Griff:[/b] TEG15 [b]Glas:[/b] D72
  • [h1]PN[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HM704 [b]Griff:[/b] GD15 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß
  • [h1]PP[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HFM12 [b]Griff:[/b] EGS08 [b]Glas:[/b] Reflo
  • [h1]DA[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HFM22 [b]Griff:[/b] SG16 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß, Alunxoglasfassung
  • [h1]DD[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] Rahmen M916, Flügel M916, HFM11 [b] Griff:[/b]EGS01 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß [b]Zierteile:[/b] Lisenen
  • [h1]FG[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HM113 [b]Griff:[/b] HS40
  • [h1]FJ[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HM716 [b]Griff:[/b] MGSE10 [b]Zierteile:[/b] Lisensen
  • [h1]GJ[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] Rahmen M916, Flügel M916, SD02 [b]Griff:[/b] KGS04 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß
  • [h1]DB[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HFM13 [b]Griff:[/b] SG15 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß, Alunxoglasfassung
  • [h1]GD[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HDS07 [b]Griff:[/b] EGS01 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß
  • [h1]GG[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HFM03 [b]Griff:[/b] KGS04 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß, Alunxoglasfassung
  • [h1]PK[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] Rahmen DM03, Flügel M916 [b]Griff:[/b] KGS02 [b]Glas:[/b] Klarglas
  • [h1]PM[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] HF113 [b]Griff:[/b] HS10 [b]Glas:[/b] MRI
  • [h1]PQ[/h1][b]Farbe:[/b] M916, HM735 [b]Griff:[/b] MGSE10 [b]Glas:[/b] Matt weiß, Alunxoglasfassung

Aluminium entrance door
AT 310

The aluminium entrance door has an impressive design, heat protection and burglary protection. It has a flat door leaf on the outside and a profiled door leaf on the inside, with an angular frame profile. The multi-layer plate construction provides excellent thermal insulation. Multi-point locking mechanism with a swing bolt as standard and maximum stability in the door leaf ensure optimum burglary protection. A wide range of door models with different surfaces, handles and glass cut-outs offers the right door for every type of architecture.

Thermal insulation: UD up to 0,81 W/m2K
Sound protection: up to 33 dB
Security: up to RC2
Locking: multi-point

Product information


  • Modern design
  • Special door leaf with aluminium top layer on the outside
  • Special flexible insert in the door leaf for high climate stability
  • Three-chamber frame profile with 30 mm polyamide bars and foam insulating core
  • Thermally separated three-chamber threshold — also ideal for use in renovations
    Dimensions in mmProfile construction depth: 93 mm



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