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Residential house, Linz

Unlimited outlook

Generous light conditions define the living experience in the complex designed by BOA architects ZT Linz, Austria. Where large-scale openings alternate with closed walls, a clear design line is created. In this line, the walls lie evenly back and direct your gaze to the strictly horizontal structure of the building. It is created by the white, all-round balcony parapet wall on the first and second floors, and the roof overhang of the flat roof on the second floor. Arranged in graduated stages, these elements also clearly divide the house into three levels.

Thanks to the large-scale windows, in all three residential units the boundaries between the building and the surrounding nature melt into one. On the ground floor, there is one residential unit with a terrace and garden. A second residential unit with a balcony all the way around is located on the first floor, and the third unit — a maisonette apartment — is situated on the first and second floor. From the lift, the residents of the maisonette apartment can enter their living room directly on the second floor. A large roof terrace invites you to relax.

In order to consistently realise a creative play between the open and closed areas, the architects placed great importance on narrow profiles when selecting the windows. They decided on Studio XL from Internorm, which combines a narrow frame construction with large-scale glazing, regardless of whether it's a lift and slide door or fixed glazing. With high thermal insulation thanks to triple glazing in combination with fibre glass threshold technology, it also offers ideal heat protection.

Residential complex, Linz


Design planning: BAO architects ZT GmbH
Building type: apartment building
Use: apartments
Year of construction: 2013

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