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Detached house, Apold-Wohnbau GmbH

Playing with lines

Even from a distance it draws attention: the private house of the building contractor Andreas Apold in southern Germany. As a building engineer in the family-owned business Apold-Wohnbau GmbH, Andreas Apold plans individual detached houses and apartment buildings that the company then builds with skilled tradesmen. The design of his own residence follows the idea of interpreting the classic look and feel of a house with a pitched roof in a new way.

The three storeys of the building can be clearly distinguished. The basement, with the garage and entrance, has dark cladding and is built into the ground at the rear. This gives the living rooms on the ground floor direct access to the outside. The top floor gives the house its special look: It appears to hover on the more reserved ground floor. An asymmetric pitched roof delineates the hexagonal floor plan of the top floor upwards. Thanks to its large overhangs, in summer the white structure provides shade for the large-scale window openings on the ground floor. The entire construction has been erected in solid brick. Thanks to rendered lines, the plastered façade of the top floor has its own geometric structure. The rendered lines also pay testimony to the craftsmanship of the family business. The different window sizes are also in harmony with the individual look of the outside walls.

All of the windows in the house are made by Internorm. For 25 years, Apold-Wohnbau GmbH has been working together with Internorm when building its houses — and for good reason: Good advice and good product quality are guaranteed at Internorm.

Detached house, Apold-Wohnbau GmbH


Design and execution: Andreas Apold, Apold-Wohnbau GmbH
Building type: Detached house
Use: Residential
Year of construction: 2011