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Maximum security thanks I-tec Locking


The peak season for burglars starts when the days begin to get shorter in autumn. In most cases, it is the windows that provide those fortuitous weak points that allow burglars to get inside the building with alarming speed and ease. Therefore, anyone building or renovating a house should pay particular attention to security features when choosing windows. Windows from Europe's leading window brand Internorm already offer a high level of burglary protection as standard and can be upgraded further to meet individual requirements. With the innovative I-tec Locking, the KF 500 UPVC window system offers increased security. I-tec Ventilation, fully built into the frame, also scores highly in burglary protection.

8 out of 10 burglars access a building via the windows
According to a study by the police in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, a burglary takes place every four minutes in Germany. The peak season for burglars starts when the days begin to get shorter in autumn. Most burglaries take place in what are referred to as the "twilight months" from November to March. In 8 out of 10 cases, the thieves get into the building through the windows. A traditional window model with no security features can be opened in just a few seconds — burglars usually pry windows open with a simple tool. Easily accessible windows and terrace and balcony doors are particularly susceptible. It is therefore very important, especially when choosing windows, to pay attention to the security features and the resistance class (RC).

KF 500 with I-tec Locking: RC2N as standard — impossible to pry open

The top model as far as security is concerned is the KF 500 UPVC and UPVC/aluminium window system. Equipped with the unrivalled I-tec Locking, even the standard design corresponds to resistance class RC2N.

With I-tec Locking of the KF 500 window, instead of conventional locking pins, flaps ensure that the window sash is locked securely and precisely with the frame. Arranged at corresponding intervals along all four sides of the sash, when the window is locked the flaps press against the inside of the frame and thus make it impossible to pry open the window. In contrast to systems with locking pins, which have to be recalibrated regularly, I-tec Locking does not require any counterpart in the frame. The flaps always lock with complete precision and with no loss of force.