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I-tec Ventilation: Ventilation in the future

Fresh air and energy savings

Ventilation despite closed windows — thanks to our fans, fresh air gets in without impacting thermal insulation or security.

With I-tec Ventilation, an air exchange of up to 40 m³ per hour is possible and the air volume can be controlled via four levels. There is also a comfort function: In turbo mode, the fan can even be used for intermittent ventilation with heat recovery (duration: 1 hour). In automatic mode, the fan reacts to the air humidity and outside temperature and ventilates automatically as required.

Thanks to continual ventilation — with low power consumption — the fan ensures a constant good room climate. The fan has a pollen protection filter as standard, making it ideal for anyone with allergies. The filter can be easily replaced separately. Every fan in every room can be controlled individually. Furthermore, the fans can also be integrated into the I-tec SmartWindow building control.

The fan's compact form also offers many advantages for installation and has short air channels, thus allowing high usability in a large number of installation situations. There is no need for any openings in the façade or for any wall areas to be lost. All operating elements and air openings are attached directly to the window and therefore do not disturb the outside architecture or the interior fittings requirements.

Energy savings and energy efficiency are guaranteed thanks to the integrated heat exchanger, which has a degree of efficiency of over 85%, low power consumption, as well as a saving in heating costs of up to 30%.

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