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Internorm Architecture Competition 2019

Windows in sight


2019 marks the five-year anniversary of the competition under the headline: „Windows in Sight". Remarkable projects in the categories „Residential Housing" and „Commercial projects" will be evaluated and nominated in summer 2019.

It is said: “The object itself, is an architect’s best advertisement”. Internorm offers you a unique opportunity to achieve this by hosting an annual competition, all under the headline: “Windows in Sight”. The competition awards all kinds of new or modernized objects in the categories „Residential Housing" as well as  „Commercial projects", that have used Internorm products – be it windows, doors as well as I-tec technologies.

The project was successfully launched in 2015 and has received remarkable awareness. Both Sandra Gnigler and Gunar Wilhelm, architects from mia2/Architektur ZT KG Linz and members of the jury board 2018, state: “Windows unite the in- and outside in a very special way. Especially nowadays, windows are seen as the melting pot of inner and outer spaces from a technological as well as a creative point of view. The competition launched by Internorm is an important key factor in giving this topic a voice.” The competition opts for pioneer projects that use windows and doors as exceptional design elements.



Launch Date Mai 2019

Deadline of submission - 18th August 2019

Jury meeting 17th September 2019

Announcement of the winners from 18th September 2019



The expert jury will evaluate and nominate the best two projects.



The nominated projects will be widely published in various media. The competition therefore poses a unique opportunity to promote your project.


Multiple applications are being handed in every year, showing the growing popularity of the competition. “Windows in Sight” is a remarkable opportunity to create awareness for unique architectural projects and to make them shine, the way they deserve to. Sustainability and progress are very important factors in architecture, but also at Internorm. We are glad to be able to launch the fifth round of this competition and hope that you will help maintain the platform for extraordinary objects, that was created a few years ago.


You will find all the relevant information in the documents below.

Please send us the completly filled project description, the consentform, pictures (interior and exterior shots if possible) of the project and site maps or/and ground plans (if available).