Data protection



This data protection guideline is applicable to all companies of Internorm International GmbH, for short Internorm.

These guidelines comes into effect with 25.5.2018 and is valid as minimum standard for the processing of person-specific data.

Purpose of data processing

Internorm only processes person-specific data of partners, customers and suppliers for the sole purpose of performing business activities and the fulfilment of legal or contractual requirements connected with it or with legitimate interest.

Rules of processing person-specific data

Processing of person-specific data at Internorm is based upon strict principles which regard protection and security of data as well as the rights of the affected person as one of the highest priorities.

lawfulness & Transparency

Data processing is carried out in a legal way, in good faith. The person concerned is informed of the planned processing (purpose) and the handling of data during the collecting of data.


Data is collected and processed at defined, explicit and legal purpose. Processing of data is not carried out in a way which has not been agreed on for one of these purposes.

Data minimising

Only such data is collected and processed which is mandatory for the stated purposes.

Memory limitation and deletion

Person-specific data will be deleted as soon as the purpose for which they were originally collected, expires and legal retention periods do not prevent from deletion.

data security

Data secrecy applies to person-specific data. Data has to be handled as confidential and is protected from unauthorised access, unlawful manipulation or transfer as well as loss and damage through appropriate organisational and technical measures.  

factual correctness

Person-specific data will be kept correct, complete and up to date. Appropriate measures are taken to correct incorrect or incomplete data if necessary (e.g. when affected persons enquire).

Requirement for data secrecy

All employees of the Internorm group of companies and employees of the distribution partners are required by contract to confidentiality and are regularly reminded of safe handling of person-specific and other sensitive data and trained if necessary.

Data security

Protection of confidentiality, availability and integrity of data is a significant task of Internorm. This applies equally to trade and business secrets, customer data, person-specific data and other sensitive information.

To this end, technical and organisational state of the art security measures and internationally recognised best practices as well as security standards are established and continually improved. 

Data protection 


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Email security

If you send us an email, your email address will only be used in correspondence with you. Please note that there can be security loopholes with data Transmission on the internet. Complete data protection without access by third parties is not possible.

Data protection coordination

In accordance with the importance of data protection, Internorm has decided to nominate a data protection committee. This will be available as point of contact for affected parties and for the data protection authority and will look after data protection issues within the business group.

You are welcome to get in touch with questions and to exercise your rights as an individual via